Adidas Tells Sports Stars: We Won't Fire You If You Come Out As Gay

Paul Cunningham / Getty Images Adidas, the world’s second-largest sportswear company, has added a clause into its contracts with the sportsmen and women it sponsors spelling out that if they reveal publicly that they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, the contract will not be changed or terminated, BuzzFeed News can reveal. Robin Stalker, the[…]


AIDS Group Slammed For Filing Complaint Over HIV Drug Commercial

Via The AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed a complaint with the federal government last month taking aim at a short web commercial titled “I like to party,” which encourages sexually active gay men to take an HIV-prevention drug. The group argued that the drug maker, Gilead Health Sciences, is promoting an unauthorized use of Truvada,[…]


Here’s What It’s Actually Like To Be In A Long-Distance Marriage

Living the single life, even when you’re not single. Will Varner / BuzzFeed But thousands of married couples around the world live apart for short or long periods of time, for a variety of reasons: School, military service, work, family commitments, and immigration issues are among the most common. Being apart isn’t necessarily a sign[…]