Watch This Woman Surprise Her Girlfriend With The News She Will Be Her Kidney Donor

“It’s a match” is a fitting way to put it, since the couple originally met on Tinder. Lori Interlicchio recently surprised her girlfriend of two months, Alana Duran, with a big box of candy, Star Wars memorabilia, and other goodies. A standard girlfriend good deed, right? View Video › Facebook: video.php But Duran had no[…]


We Asked LGBT People About Going (Or Not Going) Home For The Holidays

“Family is where you make it and family is who you make it with.” Heading home for the holidays to see friends and family can be a really exciting time. Facebook: video.php But sometimes, it’s just a stressful one. Facebook: video.php If you’re closeted, or your family isn’t super accepting, the holidays can frankly be[…]


"Love Actually" Had A Heartbreaking Lesbian Plot That Got Cut From The Movie

It’s extremely upsetting. Christmas classic Love Actually is obviously a delightful yet bittersweet film, but it turns out it could have been EVEN more emotional. StudioCanal / Via something-into-something.tumblr.com On the DVD extras of Love Actually, Richard Curtis reveals that a scene involving a same-sex relationship was cut from the film. The lack of same-sex[…]


New HIV Drug Set To Cut Long-Term Side Effects Of Medication

Gilead A new anti-HIV drug that could drastically reduce long-term side effects was given European Commission approval on Monday, allowing 28 countries in the EU to give it to HIV-positive patients. Although trials show Genvoya is similar – or marginally superior – in efficacy to the best existing treatments, HIV specialists say it is the[…]


We Invaded The Apartments Of Three Queer Lady Couples To See What Happens After The U-Haul

And their apartments were really, really cute. Everyone has ~opinions~ about when the right time to move in with your S.O. really is. Queer women deal with the added stereotype of moving way too fast (AKA u-hauling). We decided to invade three (really cute) apartments to get some answers. Three New York City couples agreed[…]