About us


Springs Equality is a network of individuals and business owners within various facets of the Colorado Springs community. We partner with Allies and other LGBT organizations in the state of Colorado to keep equality awareness alive and to provide understanding and mentorship to those in need. We give our time and resources to help continue to unite the LGBT community. Springs Equality is helping the LGBT community thrive in Colorado Springs. As a brand new cyber community center, we work with businesses, government organizations, and individuals, to connect, enrich, and inspire the lives of the LGBT and Allied community.


Connect. Enrich. Inspire.

Our Mission is to Connect, Enrich, and Inspire the LGBT & Allied Community in Colorado. What does that mean?

  • Connect – As virtual center, we connect you to businesses, services, resources, and other local organizations with our on-line Resource Page & Business Directory. We also connect individuals in our community, at our events designed to allow relationships to develop and grow organically.


  • Enrich – We enrich our city with monthly community service projects that support other great organizations & businesses in the southern Colorado area. By providing opportunities for individuals to give back and volunteer, we believe that doing so not only increases LGBT visibility for us, but also affirms our commitment to serve Colorado Springs at large. 


  • Inspire – We inspire our community to support local businesses that promote equality in the southern Colorado area. And we hope to inspire individuals to come together, engage, volunteer, give back, and grow because we believe it takes everyone to raise a thriving LGBT community. 



Our team


   Flora Vinson, President & Community Engagement Director

Flora moved to Colorado Springs for her first engineering job out of college. She grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL and went to University of Florida in Gainesville, to graduate with a degree in Biological Engineering. She currently works for a water technologies company, and social dances in her free time. Activism, advocacy, community building, dance, music, and social connection are things she’s passionate about.



   Taylor Robinson, Treasurer


Taylor Root saw something bigger than himself. He saw a community that he could be a part of, that would help him learn and grow as an individual and within a community of peers that respected one another. Graduating from Mead High School in 2007, He traveled around the western United States, seeing the struggle of LGBT youth and adults in many overly conservative societies. He realized at this point that he wanted to do something that would not only help himself, but also assist in enriching, education, and creating compassion in the LGBT+ communities.

Moving to Colorado Springs, CO in early 2012, he created lasting bonds and created a family of close friends. In June 2015, Taylor began working in the medical field as a Billing specialist to further his need to create a positive and caring environment In his spare time, he is an avid reader, technology enthusiast, and gamer.

As Treasurer, Taylor has pledged that he will uphold true values and is honored to be working with Springs Equality for the Colorado Springs community, and is dedicated to creating a better future for everyone.



   Angelina Shumaker, Social Media and Social Events Director

Angelina is the proud mom of 6 crazy boys, and grandma to one beautiful granddaughter. When she’s not busy running after children, she can usually be found in the studio dancing or teaching. She is deeply passionate about connecting people through shared experience and believes that the most dynamic interaction happens when face to face. Angelina is excited to be a part of the Springs Equality team as they work to build meaningful community in Colorado Springs.
*To contact her, please email through info@springsequality.org